Connecting Yarns

Reacting to the intricacies of Blackburn Yarn Dyers’ colour lab, Manchester-based artist Daksha Patel’s, Connecting Yarn is a beautiful interpretation of the protein molecule, kerotene – found in wool. The installation turns the complex and highly mathematical science of yarn dyeing into a visual spectacle. Patel’s focus on science and visualisation technologies deeply informs her residency, delving into the often unspoken art of meticulous dyeing. Using wool, light manipulation and found objects from the factory floor, this series of sculptural structures explore the relationship between the fibres and chemical process, whilst gently exploring the long history of women’s work inside the factory.

Pani by Daksha Patel

Pani is the word for water across large parts of South Asia. In this thought-provoking display, artist Daksha Patel explores the complex relationships between people and water in the region.

Using symbols drawn on terracotta water containers and vibrant maps, Daksha draws attention to the environmental threats facing rivers and water courses, and the challenges encountered by the people and wildlife that depend upon this most precious resource.