in the same breath

Commissioned by Animate Projects during spring 2020 as part of their ‘I’m Only Human’ project, the animation responds to the context of the Covid pandemic. ‘in the same breath’ focuses upon internal body imagery, which is accompanied by a bodily soundtrack of heartbeats, breathing, swallowing. It was produced by combining hand drawings with creative coding, which animates drawings in response to the soundtrack data. Coding and data seemed particularly relevant for the subject matter because the pandemic is made sense of through data and by using algorithms to model and predict future outbreaks.

Active [Drawing] Matter

The video is the outcome of a residency at the University of Bristol (2019) with Dr. Silke Henkes who is researching Active Matter systems. Active Matter is the patterns of collective movement typically generated by flocks of birds, swarms of bees or the division of cells. Particles suspended within emulsions can also demonstrate active matter movements. In this work, the vibrations from speakers emitting the sound of bees swarming under a circular blackboard, propel chalks into active matter formations.

All of a sudden

The animation All of a sudden something popped is the outcome of a residency at University of Manchester. It responds to the voices of a group of people who describe sudden and profound changes in their lives that alter their perceptions and sense of identity. The work takes us on a journey through the social, psychological and physiological impact of a life-changing event. It is an intimate portrait of a group of individuals.

The work has been selected for the RWA Open Bristol (Oct-Dec 2017), the FAFF animated documentaries festival, London (Oct 2107) and the ING Discerning Drawing Bursary Prize, Mall Galleries, London (Nov 2017).

Mind Wandering 1

Daksha Patel 2013

A series of three short hand drawn animations funded by Cornerhouse Micro Commission. The work explores brain imaging and measurement and responds to my experience of taking part in an EEG brain study. This is the first animation in the series.