Desertification drawings

An AHRC funded residency and exhibition at Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, responding to a landscape undergoing desertification. The work responds to a central theme of ‘loss’: loss of people, of memories and of a sense of place. The ‘Light drawings’ were produced with pin pricks on paper – playing with absence and presence – by connecting all the habitations in the region with lines resembling neural networks. The projection suggests communication systems both outside and inside the body.

The installation includes a large ‘Slip Drawing’, which is based upon numerical data about the topography of the landscape. It is drawn with slip, a mixture of different clays and water. The medium is unstable, it will revert back to a fine clay powder and drop off the paper as it interacts with its environment. Over time, the drawing will fade and disappear, mirroring the process of desertification.