Daksha Patel



‘In Pericula: At Risk’ animated film freesounds. The following sound recordings are licensed under a Creative Commons Atttribution 3.0 and 0 Licences:

‘in the same breath’ animation freesounds:

‘Misprints’ exhibition photography by Erika Stevenson

‘Connecting Yarns’ exhibition photography by Lee Smillie

‘Rhythmic Drawing’ workshop images, photography by Erika Stevenson

‘biorhythmic drawing’ at Watermans Art Centre, photography Steve Isles

Pani’ at Horniman Museum, image of people looking at print: Photography by Sarah Shevlin

Dundee LifeSpace gallery: Photography by Jacquetta Clark, Images courtesy of Dundee University

‘Fat Drawing’: Photography by Kasim Asim, Image courtesy of Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.

Diffusion’ & ‘Cottonecropolis’: Photography by Joe Fildes, Image courtesy of Asia Triennial

‘Diffusion’ drawings: Photography by Elle Brotherhood

Whisper Residency’: Photography by Joe Gardner

‘Body (Re)Touched’ series of etchings credits: Wellcome Image Collections, Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0)