Daksha Patel




Daksha Patel is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across a wide range of media, materials and technologies. Her inter-disciplinary practice has engaged with Biophysics, Biomedicine, Applied Mathematics, Environmental Modelling & Justice, Linguistics and Neuroscience. She works regularly with science institutions such as Imperial College, London (2024); The Biophysical Science Institute, Durham (2024), University of Exeter (2023) and King’s College, London (2022). Her ongoing interest in processes of mapping, measurement and visualisation has led her to explore technologies such as Lidar scanning, photogrammetry, GIS (geographical information systems), bio-sensors and creative coding. She particularly enjoys being immersed in long-term residencies, where her process can typically involve delivering trans-disciplinary workshops, presenting at conferences, writing papers, as well as creating artworks that engage with the materials, methods and research of the host institution.

Daksha’s work is in public and private collections. She exhibits nationally and internationally and was awarded the ‘Brian Cox Prize for Excellence in Public Engagement with Research’ in 2020.

Artist Researcher

CNoS Northumbria University https://www.cnos.ac.uk/?page_id=162

PLACE Collective https://theplacecollective.org/portfolio/daksha-patel/

Suite Studio Salford http://www.suite-studiogroup.co.uk/artist/daksha-patel/


Email: daksha206(at)gmail.com

Address: Suite Studio, Casket Works, Cow Lane, Salford, M5 4NB