Noisy Bodies

‘Noisy Bodies’ is series of drawings and prints that is the outcome of an art and science collaboration residency in Imaging Science at the University of Manchester, hosted by Professor Rebecca Elliott. Over a period of six months, I talked to imaging physicists and looked at a variety of scans of the human body. The central focus of my residency was the concept of ‘noise’ in medical imaging, which is understood as distortions or disruptions in the data generated by the human body or by technologies during the process of data transmission. The work was exhibited in a solo show at John Rylands, Manchester (Oct 2015 – Jan 2016), and an exhibition talk with academics from the University of Manchester featured as part of the Manchester Science Festival. The work has toured to LifeSpace Gallery, Dundee (Jan -April 2017), and a drawing from the series was selected for the Art Gemini, London exhibition in 2016.