Daksha Patel


Just back from the opening of ‘Misprints’, an interactive event at DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts). It was the outcome of my residency at Life Science, University of Dundee, with Prof Miratul Muqit who is researching Parkinson’s Disease. Scientists participated in the event by ‘performing’ their research using my artwork as a stimulus for dialogue with visitors. Their conversations revolved around ‘what I see in this … ’ and ‘what do you see in this … ?’. The prints were produced from ‘mutations’ in my original drawings. After speaking with scientists, visitors placed their chosen print within an installation.

I will be presenting the project during the Drawing Conversations 3 Drawing Talking to the Sciences at The Ruskin, Lancaster University, on 17th January 2020.

Thanks to all the scientists who took part, to photographer Erika Stevenson (www.erikascamera.co.uk ), and to DCA Print for their support. The project was supported by the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund awarded to the University of Dundee.