Daksha Patel

Works A Modest Show 2022

A Modest Show 2022

Ceramic pieces shown as part of collateral events for the British Art Show Manchester (BAS9) responding to the overall theme of food.

The event – a pop up meal and exhibition – brought together curators, artists, chef and sommelier for an evening of wonderful food, wine and conversations with the general public about food. Some very interesting discussions about the environment, plant diversity, climate change and plant genetics ensued!

The works respond to global food security and the impact of climate change, drought and disease upon food crops. The shapes of the pots are inspired by laboratory glass containers such as conical flasks and beakers, to reference current research into traditional varieties of staple food crops that can withstand harsher growing conditions. They are decorated with drawings of plants that scientists are researching such as Akkoub (part of the sunflower family) and the Morama bean (an oilseed).

It is of course impossible to ignore the other man-made threat to global food security – the impact of war and conflict on the supply chains of staple foods such as wheat. I incorporated mapping lines into the drawings to suggest coastlines and shipping routes, connecting different plants and geographical regions together.