Daksha Patel

Works Symbiotic Morphology 2021

Symbiotic Morphology 2021

‘Symbiotic Morphology’ (2020) is a costume produced out of paper-based prints created from collections at the Life Science museum, King’s College, London. The prints are moulded from corals, bones of mammals, birds and reptiles, elephant teeth, antelope horns and toucan beaks, as well as human anatomy models.┬áThe work explores the interrelationships between non-human and human morphologies, and questions how human behaviour towards the natural world could change if we perceived ourselves as inextricably connected to non-human life. The costume was worn by a dancer for a filmed performance (stills above) in the museum. An artist’s film of the performance will be produced in summer 2022. Symbiotic Morphology is currently showing at the Paper Fibre Art International Biennial, Taiwan (please see News for a video of the exhibition).