British Textile Biennial

It’s the final stage of making new work for the upcoming British Textile Biennial, at Queen St Mill, Burley, which opens on October 3rd. I am drawing with coloured threads upon cotton fabric, which has been printed with images of female workers in textile/garment factories across China, Thailand, India and Bali (see below). And looking forward to installing another new work – gold thread woven intricately around a very large loom which was used for producing gold braid. Watch out for installation pics of that in upcoming weeks!

Embroidery in progress for British Textile Biennial, Queen St Mill.
Embroidery in progress for British Textile Biennial, Queen St Mill.

Kings College Residency

Looking forward very much to my upcoming artist residency at Kings College, London. Watch this space for more news!

Festival of Making

One day to go before the festival! Here are some tasters of the work, hope you can make it to the festival on 15th and 16th June in Blackburn, it will be packed full of free events, talks, exhibitions and more! Link to a video: and images below

Dundee workshops

Just returned from Dundee, running arts workshops with Parkinson’s patients at the wonderful Maggies centre. I was also making some test prints at DCA print. Looking forward very much to my return visit in mid June when I will be spending 2 weeks at DCA Print making the final work.

Photographs below by Erika Stevenson, courtesy of University of Dundee

Myself and Dr. Muqit at Maggies centre, Dundee

Workshop with Parkinson’s patients, Dundee
Workshop with Parkinson’s patients, Dundee


Work is progressing nicely in Blackburn, few weeks to go before installation week!

Active [Drawing] Matter

Just back from University of Bristol developing new work with the Applied Maths dept. The work comprises of a circular blackboard with speakers attached to its underside. When sounds of starling murmurations are played at a specific frequency, the blackboard vibrates causing the chalks placed upon it to move in active matter formations. The artwork is inspired by the concept of Active Matter and mathematicians’ use of blackboards as a collaborative thinking space. Active Matter systems are composed of patterns of collective motion typically demonstrated by large numbers of active agents. They can be microscopic, such as cell division and the movement of micro particles, or macroscopic such as flocks of starlings or shoals of fish. 

Art in Manufacturing

Work in progress on my new commission for Art in Manufacturing and Super Slow Way based at Blackburn Yarn Dyers:

Blackburn Yarn Dyers


New drawings for upcoming print residency at DCA

India residency

AMAZING time in Baroda with Artcore! Some images and a video below:



Kaipo Che!

I am looking forward very much to my upcoming ‘Kaiypo Che’ residency in Vadodara, India, which is part of Artcore’s program during January 2019. We will be four UK-based artists and six India-based artists working together, plus some researchers. It will be a stimulating and exciting process!